Early-Stage Programme Partner Consultation

Closed 28 Apr 2022

Opened 6 Apr 2022


During this early-stakeholder consultation phase, we seek feedback from our Programme Partners to ensure that we are heading into the right direction. "Right" meaning that the Principles and Criteria remain locally relevant and address key sustainbility issues, endorse farmers needs, demands, experiences, and knowledge, and can be implemented and therefore drive change on the ground.

Your views as Programme Partners are crucial to assess whether the proposed indicators are relevant and that implementation on the ground is feasible. To facilitate your feedback, we have created a heat map for you to fill in.

Please follow the instructions on the different sheets of the excel file, fill it in and send it back to standards@bettercotton.org by latest 28 April 2022. Thank you very much! Your input is very valuable! 



What happens next

Thank you for all your valuable input. The feedback from the Programme Partners on the heat map is currently being analysed. It will be consolidated and directly inform the further refinement of the draft, which will be used for the broad, open public consultation in August - September 2022. The new version of the draft will be circulated around 1 June, 2022.


  • IPs


  • P1: Management
  • P2: Natural Resources
  • P3: Crop Protection
  • P4: Fibre Quality
  • P5: Decent Work
  • P6: Livelihoods