Chain of Custody Standard Public Consultation

Closed 25 Nov 2022

Opened 26 Sep 2022


In order to enable traceability, Better Cotton is introducing new Chain of Custody models to facilitate the flow of physical Better Cotton.

The Chain of Custody Standard is the key framework that connects demand with supply of Better Cotton and helps to support and incentivise farmers to adopt more sustainable practices. The development of a new Chain of Custody Standard has been informed by extensive consultation with partners, members and external stakeholders through workshops, webinars and online surveys. The new standard is designed to ensure that our Chain of Custody continues to meet the wants and needs of our stakeholders and align with Better Cotton's 2030 strategy. Better Cotton aims to publish the revised Standard in early 2023, pending the need for further rounds of consultation with its members. 

The current public stakeholder consultation is running between 26 September and 25 November 2022 and it is your opportunity to contribute to our new Chain of Custody Standard.

Note: The standard will not go live immediately and suppliers should continue to adhere to Chain of Custody Guidelines v1.4 until further communication from Better Cotton.

What is Chain of Custody?

Download Chain of Custody Standard v0.3 here



The Chain of Custody Standard and consultation in other languages

If you prefer to read and comment on the draft Chain of Custody Standard in another language, please download the document below, fill in the survey, and return it to

Proposed Chain of Custody StandardChinese - French Portuguese - Urdu Spanish Turkish Vietnamese Bahasa 

SurveyChinese - French Portuguese Hindi Urdu Spanish TurkishBengali Vietnamese Bahasa 

Any discrepancies between translated copies shall be resolved by referencing the English version. 

Better Cotton would like to thank participants for providing input on the draft Chain of Custody Standard. Chain of Custody is an integral part of the Better Cotton system and it is crucial that the Standard reflects the needs and aspirations of our stakeholders. All feedback is welcomed and will help to ensure Better Cotton rolls out a relevant and robust Chain of Custody Standard for traceability.

We encourage the participation of stakeholders from all backgrounds, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity, language, race, class, religion, belief, or political affiliation.


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